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Including pay per click campaigns, e-commerce solutions, customer relationship management systems and social media options
Paid Advertising
Not everyone can be on page one of the search engines and paid advertising can be another cost-effective alternative. More people are using mobile devices to search for products and services which utilises even less visual space for your prospects to find you. Quite often the first results you see on a mobile are paid adverts even before the top organic listing. We can help you find the most appropriate paid advertising vehicles to suit the products or services you are promoting. This can be set up for you to run and monitor or we can do this for you.
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CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
The value of many businesses is down to the quality and quantity of their data. Keeping this organised with regular communication is key to many success stories. We have various options available and can recommend the best system for you and your company’s requirements. Many integrate with Mailchimp which we have found to be the most suitable product for sending and tracking emails to your prospects and clients. We offer best advice, set up and full training on the best system for you.
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Sell Online
Many of our customers have products and services they wish to sell online. Deciding which platform to do this on and what payment gateway to use is paramount, our process will cost nothing but save you a lot of time and money. There is so much more to selling successfully online than just having your shop live and we cover everything to maximise your sales.
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Getting Organised
Promoting your business online can be quite daunting and many of us try a bit of cost per click advertising, social media ads, sending email campaigns or submitting their sites to search engines but fall short on results. Knowing how to do these properly, in the right order to your best target market at the right time can make the difference between success and failure. Providing an organised marketing plan with all those small tasks allocated to the right people is what we do. To get your future marketing organised to produce results….
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Social Media
Some people spend most of their life online within their favoured social media. They do not use Google or any other major search engine, they find all they need in Facebook or Twitter for example. If you are not in this sector they will never see you and therefore, highly unlikely to use your products or services. The key is to establish the most appropriate social media to you and your business. Stay active, you will do more harm than good if your last post was months ago. ‘Tell it, don’t sell it’ is the rule to follow but by all means explore opportunities to advertise here.
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Search Engine Optimisation is not just about the actual website, but encompasses social media, reviews, links and much more. We analyse the website to make sure it contains all the relevant requirements and run it through specialist software to check this. The software then lets us know what amendments need to be made. This process is repeated on a monthly basis. SEO isn't rocket science or a sprint - more like a marathon with some long term planning and hard work!
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